Welcome to Machu Picchu Suites
Jr. Machu Picchu 128 San Miguel
, Lima, Peru
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Welcome to Machu Picchu Suites Apartment

Offering elegant accommodation, Machu Picchu Apart Hotel is ideal for family vacations, business trips and smaller groups at great prices without competition.

Machu Picchu Suites is located a few steps from the Avenida La Marina and conveniently located for the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru and the National University of San Marcos, the Zoo "Leyendas Park" shopping center "Plaza San Miguel" and Larco Museum. Besides Machu Picchu Suites it is just 5 1/2 km. Jorge Chavez International Airport, which is also convenient for a quick connection between flights, making this top 3.5 star destination the perfect place to stay for any traveler.

Machu Picchu Suites is big on personality but not necessarily in size, but here we understand the challenges that require their business or pleasure.